Podere Francesco

Podere Francesco

Innovate Harvest

The two foundations upon which our farm is based are the maintenance of highest quality and full sustainability.
We let ourselves be inspired by what nature offers us every day and be guided by the experience generated by our own work; work that is expressed via three generations of farmers.
The Podere Francesco farm is located in Mosciano Sant’Angelo, in Abruzzo.

Fiori Decorativi Pesco Frutti Podere Francesco Abruzzo
Fiori Decorativi Bianchi Frutti Podere Francesco Abruzzo

Fruits and vegetables

Seasonality and freshness

We grow different varieties of fruit and vegetables.
We have different varieties of each fruit that we grow. We have 80 kinds in total, ranging from early to late. This variety allows us to offer fresh products with an unmistakable flavor throughout all of the harvest periods.

We also grow 13 hectares of both winter and summer vegetables: seasonality for us is not just a word, but a treasure that is meant to be kept.

Preserves and juices

Simply unique

In our jams, we only use fruit exclusively grown and picked by us. We do not add thickeners or preservatives.
Our juices are each made up of a single ingredient. We can do this thanks to the attention we place upon choosing the plant varieties in our orchard..

In our tomato sauce, we use three varieties of tomatoes in order to create a perfect balance between flavor and naturalness.

Foglie Uva frutteto Decorazione Podere Francesco Abruzzo
Decorazione Fiori Gialli Podere Francesco Abruzzo


Fruit flavored ideas

Thematic boxes, made up of various product selections.
Rich in taste and full of the natural quality you expect from Podere Francesco.

Poderina Family Breakfast is what you should have at home every morning, Poderina Antioxidant is for the most health-conscious, and then there is the Poderina Abruzzo, featuring the typical flavors of our land.

Torna Su Freccia Podere Francesco Abruzzo

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Fiori Bianchi Podere Francesco Abruzzo
Fiore di Pesco podere francesco abruzzo
Branch with decorative pink flowers Podere Francesco Abruzzo