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About us:
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Forty years
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Podere Francesco is a family-run farm that integrates Bruno’s forty-year experience in agriculture with the passion of his three sons, Clemente, Simone, and Manuel, who are always looking for the best fruit varieties and the most innovative cultivation techniques.

We are located in Abruzzo, on the hills of Mosciano Sant’Angelo, a perfect observation point between the Adriatic Sea and the Gran Sasso d’Italia. Our orchards have more than 80 varieties of pome and stone fruits. The natural slope of the land on which the orchards stand avoids the formation of water stagnations, which in turn guarantees the harvest of fruits with an unmistakable flavor, thanks also to the proximity to the coastal climate.

Podere Francesco now


Today, Podere Francesco has about 45 employees, 50 hectares of orchards, and 13 hectares dedicated exclusively to vegetable crops.

The goal since 2009 has never changed: to produce high quality fruit and vegetables with full corporate and environmental sustainability and great attention paid to professional partners.

We decided to use a drip irrigation system connected to a basin at the bottom of the hill. This allows to water the fruit trees with the right amount of water to avoid any waste.

We invest in an innovative processing laboratory with a vacuum cooking system capable of keeping the flavor and color of the selected fruit and vegetables intact so that they can become extra jams, juices, and purees.

We are always looking for new varieties of fruit and vegetables, both to find the best tastes and to offer fresh and seasonal products, including ones that grow early and late.

With the certifications acquired, including the Global GAP, Podere Francesco is able to export abroad: a large part of our horticultural production is sold to northern European countries including Germany, Holland, and Denmark.


A look to the future

Enhance the products

Our mission is to enhance Italian fruit and vegetable products, cultivating the species and varieties most suited to the climate and soil of this magnificent region here in Abruzzo. We want to establish ourselves through taste, with healthy methods of cultivation and processing products both in the Italian and foreign markets, and to create an increasingly sustainable work environment.

As for future projects, we are planning the construction of a building covered with photovoltaic panels, so as to make the company self-sufficient in terms of the electricity supply.

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