Podere Francesco's preserves

We take care of our fruits since the tree is a little plant. We harvest them by hand only when the fruit is very ripe, so they can have a natural sweetness. Afterwards, we select the fruits and use them to obtain our extra jams, adding a very small amount of sugar to ensure conservation.

On average we use 130 grams of fruit for every 100 grams of extra jam, because we do not add any kind of thickener! Finally, we do not add any type of colorant and we use a low-temperature cooking method, this allows us to maintain the natural flavor and color of the fruit.

Azienda Agricola | Podere Francesco di Bruno D'elpidio via Selva Alta | 64023 Mosciano Sant'Angelo (TE) Part. IVA 01024000679 Cod. Fisc. DLPBRN58S16F764Z

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