Podere Francesco's tomato sauce

Our Tomato Sauce is very pulpy, with a balanced taste given by the sweetness of the datterino tomato addition. This pulpy sauce is ideal for dishes with short cooking time, and amplifies the taste of the tomato.

The Sauce is made from 3 different types of tomatoes:

- The Romanello which makes it pulpy;

- The Pera tomato which gives more red color;

- The Datterino which balances the flavor with its sweetness.

We do not use any preservatives or colorants, but only tomatoes grown by us and a pinch of salt.

Passata 3 Pomodori 750g.jpg

Azienda Agricola | Podere Francesco di Bruno D'elpidio via Selva Alta | 64023 Mosciano Sant'Angelo (TE) Part. IVA 01024000679 Cod. Fisc. DLPBRN58S16F764Z

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