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Poderina Energy

Poderina Energy

Natural vitality

In Poderina Energy you will find a mix of products chosen to fill you up with health and vitality:

1 bottle of Green Apple Juice 200g
1 bottle of Nectarine Peach Juice 200g
1 maxi-bottle of Plum Juice 750g
1 jar of Flat Peach Extra Jam 220g


Caratteristiche e consigli alimentari

Wellness and vitality

Just add a teaspoon of Flat Peach Extra Jam to a white yogurt, get a glass of Single Ingredient juice, and here is served a breakfast full of taste and energy, ideal for starting the morning in the best possible way. A slice of bread and butter instead of yogurt is perfect for breaking the afternoon hunger with a sweet snack. Poderina Energy is pure vitality, with a fruity flavor.