Fruit of Podere Francesco

Exceptional flavors

Fruit grown by us

Fresh seasonal

Over eighty varieties of fruits, each one with a different harvest period.

There is much more to the fruit of Podere Francesco than just work in the fields.
Growing an orchard in the name of quality means implementing a truly professional philosophy. It means choosing species and carefully selecting the most suitable varieties to be cultivated within the specific climatic characteristics of the Abruzzo hills.

It means putting each plant in its ideal conditions to generate the best fruit. We work in full respect of nature, with the desire only to get fruit with natural characteristics, intense flavors, and true aromas.

Only fresh seasonal fruit.

Choose the fresh fruit of the day

Order on WhatsApp, we deliver to the neighboring municipalities of Mosciano Sant'Angelo

Torna Su Freccia Podere Francesco Abruzzo

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Fiore Frutto Podere Francesco Abruzzo
Fiori Bianchi Podere Francesco Abruzzo
Fiori Bianchi Rosa Podere Francesco Abruzzo
Fiore Rosa Podere Francesco Abruzzo