The Juices

Single ingredient

The Juices


The juices of Podere Francesco are extracted from a selection of fruits, all with an advanced degree of ripeness. These fruits are specially chosen to become pulpy juices, all with particularly intense flavors. Fruit is the only ingredient in these drinks. They are 100% pure, and each extract retains its specific taste characteristics.

The precise care of the orchard and the particular attention paid to the choice of cultivated varieties allow genuine processing of our products, leading to the creation of juices with the flavor, intensity, and consistency of real fruits.
No sugars are added, and there are no acidifiers, syrup, or flavorings or dyes.
There is only fruit in the Podere Francesco juice bottles.

Only one ingredient. Nothing else is needed.

Choose the juice you prefer

You have never drunk such good juices.


2,90 €

Fuji Apples

2,90 €

Montepulciano grapes

2,90 €


2,90 €


2,90 €


2,90 €

Green apple

2,90 €
Torna Su Freccia Podere Francesco Abruzzo

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