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Poderine are thematic boxes: inside them there are the specially selected curations of Podere products.
With the Poderina Family Breakfast, you can add the flavor of real fruit to your morning. In Poderina Energy you will find products rich in beneficial substances. Poderina Abruzzo is ideal for bringing the rural and sincere flavors of our land to the table.

In each Poderina there is everything you need for a real taste experience.

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Poderina Box Podere Francesco Abruzzo


18,90 €
Poderine Scatola Idea Reagalo Podere Francesco Abruzzo

Family breakfast

21,90 €
Poderina Abruzzo Podere Francesco Abruzzo


16,90 €
Torna Su Freccia Podere Francesco Abruzzo

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Fiore Frutto Podere Francesco Abruzzo
Fiori Bianchi Podere Francesco Abruzzo
Fiori Bianchi Rosa Podere Francesco Abruzzo
Fiore Rosa Podere Francesco Abruzzo