Podere Francesco's story

Podere Francesco comes from Bruno and his passion for lands and italian products. Bruno has got 40 years of experience in planting vineyards and orchards, becoming an important character in this industry in different Italian regions, such as: Abruzzo, Toscana, Marche and Lazio.


In 2009, his sons, Ivan and Simone, and him, decided to buy 24 hectares in Abruzzo: this is a steep land that avoids water stagnation, a very important feature to produce high quality fruit and vegetable.

This is just the beginning of the 45 hectares owned by Podere Francesco. 


Bruno, Ivan and Simone started this adventure because of their believing on Italian agricolture, they think that is a key sector in Italian business and culture.





Our mission is to produce unique products, focusing on a perfect taste, aroma and size and in particular that is a product grown according to rules and certifications.


We want that out clients are aware of all these elements and be sure of what they are eating. 

Podere Francesco Today

Today Podere Francesco counts about 35 collaborators, 45 orchards and 30 hectares cultivated with vegetables.

Since 2009 the objective is never changed, to produce high quality fruits and vegetables according to sustainability, respecting  our collaborators and nature. 


Indeed, Podere Francesco is using a smarter irrigation system that avoids waste of water in comparison of the traditional one.


Simone ed Edoardo are always looking for new fruit and vegetable varieties to find the best taste and to offer always a fresh product, cultivating untimely and tardive varieties.


Thanks to achieved certifications, in particular GLOBAL G.A.P., Podere Francesco exports its products in fact a good amount of vegetables is exported to North European countries, such as Germany, Netherlands and Denmark. 

Looking ahead

Our mission is to enhance our Italian fruit and vegetables  and to cultivate the best species and varieties that fits Abruzzo climates, and Mosciano Sant'Angelo (Teramo) lands. Establish ourselves through taste and healthy method of cultivation and product processing both in Italian and foreign markets.  


To create a more sustainability environment. In fact, our next projects are to create a stable covered by photovoltaic panels so that Podere Francesco could be independent regarding electricity. To create an irrigation line that takes water directly from the groundwater of Gran Sasso which during the descent produce also electricity for our region.

Azienda Agricola | Podere Francesco di Bruno D'elpidio via Selva Alta | 64023 Mosciano Sant'Angelo (TE) Part. IVA 01024000679 Cod. Fisc. DLPBRN58S16F764Z

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