Podere Francesco's fruit juices

Podere Francesco juice is a pulpy juice that allows you to savor the real taste of fruit. All the juices are 100% pure, in fact they have the sole ingredient of the fruit itself without any addition, apart from the apricot juice which, being a more fibrous fruit, we made it by 70% of fruit and 30% of water. 

We have succeeded in making single ingredient juices thanks to the attention that we pay in fruit variety selection from our orchard, and during the harvesting, where we harvest only extremely ripe fruits. Both of these practices enable us to produce formidable juices.

Plum Juice
Green Apple Juice
Grape Juice
Apple Fuji Juice
Pear Juice
Apricot Juice
Peach Juice

Azienda Agricola | Podere Francesco di Bruno D'elpidio via Selva Alta | 64023 Mosciano Sant'Angelo (TE) Part. IVA 01024000679 Cod. Fisc. DLPBRN58S16F764Z

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