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Poderina Abruzzo

Poderina Abruzzo

Taste of tradition

Traditional flavors, with rustic notes. In Poderina Abruzzo you will find all the truest and most natural taste of our beloved land:
1 bottle of Passata 3 pomodori 750g
1 maxi bottle of Montepulciano Grape Juice 750g
1 jar of Montepulciano Grape Extra Jam 220g


Caratteristiche e consigli alimentari

The real taste of Abruzzo

While respecting tradition and with a pinch of imagination, Poderina Abruzzo offers all the flavors to build a gastronomic experience. Passata 3 pomodori is perfect for a simple and quick first course, but also for more complex dishes. Extra Jam goes well with cheese and is widely used in traditional desserts. Montepulciano grape juice brings all the flavor of Abruzzo to breakfast, with one single ingredient: fruit.