Certified production process

An ethical work choice

From the earth to the fruit

Knowing how to choose, knowing how to work

Flavor comes from the earth.

The careful choice of a steep land on which to cultivate avoids water stagnation at the base of the trees. Because of this, each plant is supplied with the exact concentration of water for its correct natural needs, ensuring that the fruits generated are pulpy and tasty.

Our products are always fresh.
Thanks to careful research of our cultivated varieties, each one with a different harvesting period. The orchard contains about 80 different types, including experimental ones. The aromas, flavors, and textures of each variety are protected by adhering to a careful certified production process.

Each choice is made in order to maintain the most natural care of the plant. Each step is made to obtain fruit of the best quality, and each phase of cultivation is understood so that we can process a product that can be unique and unmistakable.

The hand-crafted orchard

Caring for the plant, feeding the fruit

The well-being of plants is fundamental.
The cultivation of tasty fruits through our certified production process arises mainly from the conscious application of different agricultural practices. Seeds and plants come from nurseries certified by the Common Market that comply with national regulations. They are free from GMOs. Cultivation, fertilization, irrigation, and plant care are aimed at reducing the environment’s chemical pollution, while multi-residue analyses in laboratories ensure the absence of unauthorized and potentially harmful chemicals.

Through the practice of thinning, each branch is relieved of excess fruits (the so-called “frutticini”) in order to avoid excessive and unsustainable production from the plant.
Thusly, we are able to grant the fruit the correct ripening times, helping the tree to provide the fruit with the right nourishment. The result is a healthy growth of fruit, with a natural flavor and premium quality.

The fruits are then harvested by hand, but only when they have reached the perfect level of growth. We will return to the same plant several times, avoiding the practice of a single harvest which tends to lead to processing fruits at different stages of ripeness.

Safety, product quality, sustainability, and respect for the environment are essential. Therefore, we voluntarily adhere to the GLOBAL GAP and SQNPI certification protocols for integrated crops, ensuring the traceability of all our products and the absolute absence of cross-contamination.

We work with the desire to ensure the consumer a cultivation of products according to agronomic techniques that respect both the environment and human health.

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